Sustainability, Beyond Carbon Neutral

Our commitment exceeds the standard, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally responsible transportation solution. We are the only Premium Chauffeur Company in the world that provides a carbon Negative Chauffeur service.

We drive with purpose, setting a new standard for luxury and environmental consciousness – where excellence meets sustainability.

Your partner for sustainable travel

We are deeply committed to addressing climate change and prioritising environmental concerns. Consequently, we take pride in being a Carbon Negative company, reflecting our dedication to a sustainable future.

Econyq goes beyond carbon neutrality, proudly operating as carbon negative.

We achieve this by offsetting carbon on our electric vehicles at a remarkable 30-fold rate compared to government carbon offsetting calculations issued by DEFRA.

Econyq's fleet is the latest range of 100% electric vehicle by Mercedes Benz & BMW. The range of premium vehicles are carbon neutral, with zero emissions.

Sustainability is at the core of our business.

  • Beyond Carbon Neutral, we are Carbon Negative
  • 100% of our Fleet is Electric
  • Emissions offset for equivalent journeys in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.
  • We invest in Tangible, Measurable and Impactful accredited carbon offset projects.
  • Vehicle charging with Renewable energy.
  • Our offices use a renewable power provider.
  • Robust 3R principle implemented at our offices.
  • Reduce-Recycle-Regenerate.
  • In car -Locally sourced Mineral Water in 100% Recyclable cans.
  • Active management of our supply chain and reduced our scope 3 emissions.

ECONYQ United Nations SDG commitments

Sustainability goes beyond the mere reduction of carbon emissions; it involves a comprehensive commitment to fostering a world where everyone can prosper.

We firmly believe that achieving this vision requires going above and beyond. As such, we invest in tangible, measurable, and impactful projects that bring about real environmental and societal change.

Our commitment extends to aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that our investments contribute to the broader global agenda for a more sustainable and equitable future.

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Econyq is a proud signatory to esteemed environmental and sustainability organisations