COVID-19: Current advice for travellers [Reviewed 10/10/2021]

This page will be updated regularly in line with current government guidelines and expert advice, please note both regional and national pictures are considered in order to preserve the safety of both our patrons and staff.

Responsible Transport

Econyq is committed to providing a responsible transport package, careful consideration will be given as always to individual circumstances and needs of clients to offer the safest service possible.

Please do feel free to discuss particular or specific needs related to your booking or enquiry with our expert team, who will always be pleased to curate your package according your specific individual needs. The utmost care will always be taken to preserve the safety and integrity of our service at all times.

Social Responsibility

To operate and provide our service to our patrons, Econyq will continually revaluate our processes in line with current guidelines and advice. A zero-tolerance approach will be taken toward any staff or passengers displaying COVID-19 symptoms to protect all our nearest and dearest.

All chauffeurs are provided with PPE equipment and worn at all times to be appropriately disposed of and replaced periodically throughout the day.

Contact Tracing

To preserve, maintain and protect all parties, Econyq are operating an internal contract tracing programme. While we are fortunate in not having had to action this data, for your peace of mind contact will be made with yourself or an authorised party should any concern be reported at the earliest viable opportunity.

Reduced Workload

All Econyq chauffeurs and vehicles are directly employed by us with no subcontractors used to responsibly eliminate as many vectors as will allow. No chauffeur will be allowed to conduct journeys with more than 2 separate groups or bubbles in any 24-hour period.

Econyq is not a mass transit operation and offer fewer vectors for transmission over the likes of Uber, Bolt, Addison Lee and Blacklane.

Health Reporting and Testing

Econyq is actively logging heath reporting of both our staff, their families and households, with zero tolerance taken to any perceived threat to our patrons or staff. Should any member of staff or our patrons report a change in health; self-isolation procedures will be enacted for any affected members and full contract tracing will begin from the first notification.

Vehicle Preparation

Econyq has immaculate presentation and service, during this time we have adapted our already rigorous deep cleaning techniques to conform to new guidelines. A full breakdown of our processes currently employed can be found below for your peace of mind.

Supplementary Items

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the ultimate chauffeur service, Econyq will provide each passenger with a facemask and anti-bacterial hand wash. At this time papers and magazines have been removed from vehicles to reduce vectors. Should you wish for a magazine or paper on arrival please inform us at the time of booking.

Current Fleet Options

Our priority is the safety of both our clients and staff. For your reassurance, this advice will be updated regularly and in line with current mandates

As of 10/10/21 Saloon vehicles have been permitted for use according to requirement. Including:


Advice Before Travelling